We welcome you to our “WHINE CLUB” and our family!  We want this to be easy and fun.  So the easy part is picking a level then the fun part is drinking our wines.

That’s it, become a “Whiner”!  Click here to download a sign up form.

The most important part of the “Whine Club” is to keep it simple as well as pass on any special perks for loving our wines.

Free Membership…

There is no charge to join our “Whine Club”.  You can cancel your membership any time after the second shipment. You will be receiving information by email every shipment month about one week before your card is charged.  It will list the wines for that shipment as well.

Please contact Whineclub@ehrenbergcellars.com for any questions.

Changes or swap out wines?

If you want to adjust or change your order, simply contact us by the 1st of the month in which we are shipping your wines, otherwise your Grape or Barrel level will be shipped and on its way.


***WHINE CLUB TERMS*** 3 shipments per year.

Spring/April, Early fall/August, and Winter/December

GRAPE LEVEL 2 bottles – $40 -$60*
BARREL LEVEL 4 bottles – $85-$105*
HARVEST LEVEL 1 case, 2 times a year $250-$550*

* All prices are approximate and do not include shipping. Barrel Level may include two of the same wines depending on inventory and varietal availability. Wines chosen one month before shipment


* Free tasting at our tasting rooms for you and a guest

* “Members and Investor only” private party invitation

* Exclusive Crushing, Pressing, Bottling invitations

* Discounts on wines always – From 5% to 20%

* Case discounts up to 25% on some wines

* Special “one-time” discount when signing up!

* Discounts on most winery/tasting room events

* Discounts on all Merchandise

* Discounts on “Winemaker Dinners”

* Whine Club Member/Investor only pick-up parties

* Receive all event updates and special events

* Shipments will include special coupons, recipes, newsletters, and surprises

* First access to new releases, library tastings, and bottles

* Receive complimentary bottle of your choice when signing up 3 new club members (new members need  to have received first shipment to apply)

*You become a true “Whiner”!!!!!!


Click here to download a sign up form.