The Swirl Story
The Swirl wines are fun blends that are lower cost for everyday drinking. The Swirl label was designed by Chris’ 10-year-old daughter Samantha. She took different colored paint and “Swirled” them together with her fingers symbolizing the blend and the name of the second label. You may also notice that the glass is filled to the rim. We know once you try “Swirl” your glass will be filled as well. On occasion, you will also find Samantha in our tasting room autographing bottles just for you.  So stop in, try a taste of the Swirl brand and have your bottle signed by the artist.

Ehrenberg_Swirl_Front pinotgrigio-swirl

Why Schmidt? Schmidt is my real last name. My official name is a hyphenated. It is Chris “Schmidt”- Ehrenberg. When my dad came to the United States from Europe the “Schmidt” was dropped because it was too complicated.
In honor of my dad and our heritage, I am using “Schmidt” for our other line of wines. The Schmidt wines will be specially selected, made, aged, and bottled with two things in mind “HONOR and RESPECT”. We will be featuring my dad’s pictures on the labels to honor him and give everyone a chance to try these specially selected wines from Ehrenberg Cellars.
Schmidt Label

Schmidt Wines is available to taste and purchase at our winery located at 5937 Graham Crt. #Unit B. Livermore, CA 94550. We will continue to produce our Swirl line of wines featuring our red and white house blends, our Ehrenberg Cellar line of wines and now our new “Schmidt” wines. We look forward to creating and having you get to know “Schmidt” wines.