Hello and welcome to Ehrenberg Cellars.

Ehrenberg Cellars first started making great award winning “homemade wines” in 2003, then in 2008 we became a commercial winery where we continue to make fine high quality award winning wines today.

Chris EhrenbergIn 2008 we started in Alameda at Rock Wall which allowed us to expand our commitment to creating signature wines made for those who have a “love of the drink!” The experience of being an Urban Winery was great over the years but we now have moved our home into the wine region of Livermore Valley. We feel this is truly where we want to be close within the bay area yet in “Wine Country”! Not any wine country but the very first wine region of California. We are now happy to have our very own Tasting Room at Tesla Vintners between Conncannon and Wente Vineyards. Not bad from coming out of the garage. We are sharing space with the Singing Winemaker and more to come.

My appreciation of wine traces back to my European roots. As a young boy sitting around the dinner table sipping wine with my family, I was always amazed at how much satisfaction and pleasure that great wines brought to us. This effect of bringing my family closer inspired a dedication in me to create fine wines. Rich, full-bodied, deep in character with a nice oak finish that is intense and special, this tradition lives on today with the award-winning wines of Ehrenberg Cellars.

So come and enjoy what our friends and family have been enjoying for years. An array of red wines that have won an astonshing 31 awards! Take a sip of Ehrenberg Cellars. Relax, drop your shoulders just a bit, and you will find yourself saying “aahh, life is good!”